Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Answers from Mauricio about progress:

Did you meet with the Procuradora? If so, how does she interpret ISNA’s
announcement of orphan children available for adoption?

She said that
OPA-PROCURADURIA has been pressing to ISNA's Director, from 1 year ago, the
releasing of the children for adoption. She understands the ISNA policies;
ISNA can't state as adoptable any child, after a deep investigation, and
they have no enough staff for doing the investigation in reasonable time.
So, she celebrates that ISNA's Director is willing to cooperate in the
clearing of adoptable children files, and they will work together in
providing children to OPA for matching in adoption, specially international

Is there reason to encourage any of our families to wait longer? 

Procuradora said that our files in OPA will be finished
on 2011, with no doubt, because she has asked to ISNA Director to celebrate
joint meetings for clearing so many files they have pending; but the
matching of children will depend of ISNA, and she hopes to increase the
children files for matching received from ISNA.