Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October update

Walter and I had a lengthy conversation with Mauricio last Friday. 

Although Mauricio always strives for positivity, the phone call did not yield the results we had hoped for. It seems that El Salvador is referring children, but these children are much older than our families are open to adopting. Our most recent referral was for 12 and 14 year old females. Mauricio has been advised by ISNA that they will not be giving referrals for children under 5 years old. This is very disappointing to us, as most of our families are waiting on children younger than 5.

Our hope to bring children home through local birth mothers is not seeing any progress as well. These children are looking at spending many many months in foster care, while ES continues to produce delay after delay. Our most recent child spent several months in foster care, only for the birth mother to come back and claim the child.  

Our greatest hope for the ES families is to move over to the domestic infant program, or switch to China, which is a fast moving country with young babies. The domestic program has picked up greatly over the last few months and we are seeing several families travel to China within a year of coming into the program.

Again, we are disappointed and frustrated along with you at the manner in which ES is treating these children. We know there are orphans there waiting, and ES is not showing any commitment to them to find them loving homes. Please continue to pray for the door to be opened to these children to come home to forever families.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Answers from Mauricio about progress:

Did you meet with the Procuradora? If so, how does she interpret ISNA’s
announcement of orphan children available for adoption?

She said that
OPA-PROCURADURIA has been pressing to ISNA's Director, from 1 year ago, the
releasing of the children for adoption. She understands the ISNA policies;
ISNA can't state as adoptable any child, after a deep investigation, and
they have no enough staff for doing the investigation in reasonable time.
So, she celebrates that ISNA's Director is willing to cooperate in the
clearing of adoptable children files, and they will work together in
providing children to OPA for matching in adoption, specially international

Is there reason to encourage any of our families to wait longer? 

Procuradora said that our files in OPA will be finished
on 2011, with no doubt, because she has asked to ISNA Director to celebrate
joint meetings for clearing so many files they have pending; but the
matching of children will depend of ISNA, and she hopes to increase the
children files for matching received from ISNA.   

Thursday, June 2, 2011

May Update

Thank you to all the families who have been waiting so patiently for an update! Walter and I have spoken to Mauricio several times over the last few weeks as we try to gain as much information as possible for our families and this process. Here is what we know as of now with the program:

As we understand, the families that are waiting going to Joint Council will only be notified once the Procuradora-ISNA's Director, signs them. This means that where in the past we found out about approvals as soon as they went through, now we must wait approx. 3 months to get the official papers. For example, one of our families was presented in December at Joint Council, was given official approval in February, and we were given papers last
week. Once we get official approval we should be given notice, and we will notify families. This means we will no longer know when a family is going to Joint Council beforehand, we will only be notified a few months later when formal approvals are presented to us.

We still have one family matched with a baby boy who is healthy and beautiful. Please join us in prayer that papers would be processed in a timely manner so they can travel and bring him home soon!

Again, thank you for your patience. We are working hard to get these cases pushed through the courts and we have faith that Mauricio is doing everything in his power to see these adoptions be successfull!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Update!

After speaking with Mauricio this morning, here is what we know for May!

* Our three families are still waiting to be heard by Joint Meeting. Mauricio will again be presenting these three tomorrow. I will let families know if cases were heard and approved.

*Our matched baby, Jose, is growing and doing great! Please be in prayer for his adoptive family as they wait for his case to be completed.

*Continue to pray for referrals for our families from ISNA.

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Update!

Hello families!! We've seen some movement in March and we're happy to report a few things!

First, the three families that were slated to go to Joint Council were presented last Friday. This is later than the earlier date given, but we are hopeful that all went well at that council meeting! As SOON as I hear from Mauricio, I'll call you immediately!

Second, Mauricio is working with a new birth mother that is due in May!! Please be in prayer for her for a healthy baby and pregnancy and that she will be at peace with her decision to place the child. This baby has not yet been matched with an Open Door family, but when that happens we'll announce it here!

The O'Brian family still awaits to travel to El Salvador for baby Jose (who is a DOLL!). Please remember them in prayer that all would move smoothly and they would be able to travel early summer to bring him home.

Mauricio continues to seek out possibilities for local birth mothers, and well as await to see what OPA will do as far as referring older children. He states "I hope to bring children to these families one by one by the end of this year."

Thank you for your continued patience and prayers. I will update as soon as I have any new information!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Joint Council

I have just received word that the following families will be presented to Joint Council NEXT week!!


Often it takes about a week or more to get written confirmation of approvals, so please be patient and I'll update you AS SOON as I hear concrete information from Mauricio. I'll call you!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

March update

Hello families!!

I spoke to Mauricio this morning and we are awaiting confirmation on the approvals that hopefully went through OPA on Friday! Several families were presented and as soon as I get confirmation, I'll contact individual families, and post to the blog. Mauricio was VERY positive, so let's hope that means all our remaining went through! I will let you know as SOON as I hear!

We are also moving forward with a marketing plan to reach out to mothers that may seek adoption as an option for their children or unborn babies. A plan is being put into place as we speak, and prayerfully, we'll see some fruit from these efforts.

Talk to you very soon!!


Friday, January 28, 2011

ES Update from Walter

Which of our families are now approved? (Approved and active are in red.)

HOLIFIELD Approved but dropped out

KRAUSE Approved but dropped out

O’BRIEN Approved. Matched with newborn in ES – Adoption in progress!

HOLLIFIELD Approved. Previously adopted from Guatemala, then Domestic during wait. May still adopt from ES

MINTER Approved. Switched to Open Door Domestic Program (waiting for match) – out of ES

MORGAN Approved. Switched to Open Door Domestic Program and adopted baby – out of ES

SANCHEZ Approved. Waiting for match. Will probably receive ISNA referral for two or three siblings

DEVRIES Approved. waiting for match

THOMPSON Approved. Previously adopted through Guatemala and now waiting for 2nd adoption through ES

Which of our families will be presented to the next Joint meeting? Lowery, Campbell, Devries and Bowling.

Waiting for clearance from OPA: Wrobel and Purcell/Delahunty

What birthmothers have you found? While we have found and worked with 4 birthmothers, 3 of them made the decision to not go forward with an adoption. Only 1 chose adoption and that child is currently matched with our O’Brien family.’

What are you doing to find additional birthmothers? As in the past, networking with people, friends and NGO's (Non-Government Organizations). But really I'm hoping on the projected marketing plan being developed by Patricia (Salvadorian Fulbright Scholar). I think they have good ideas for reaching mothers and getting children in a massive way.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Waiting for an update

We are currently waiting for an update from our attorney in El Salvador. I hope to report to you within the next week a bit more about any meetings that have been held and what has happened and will be happening. Thank you all for your patience as we try to get details.