Monday, April 4, 2011

April Update!

Hello families!! We've seen some movement in March and we're happy to report a few things!

First, the three families that were slated to go to Joint Council were presented last Friday. This is later than the earlier date given, but we are hopeful that all went well at that council meeting! As SOON as I hear from Mauricio, I'll call you immediately!

Second, Mauricio is working with a new birth mother that is due in May!! Please be in prayer for her for a healthy baby and pregnancy and that she will be at peace with her decision to place the child. This baby has not yet been matched with an Open Door family, but when that happens we'll announce it here!

The O'Brian family still awaits to travel to El Salvador for baby Jose (who is a DOLL!). Please remember them in prayer that all would move smoothly and they would be able to travel early summer to bring him home.

Mauricio continues to seek out possibilities for local birth mothers, and well as await to see what OPA will do as far as referring older children. He states "I hope to bring children to these families one by one by the end of this year."

Thank you for your continued patience and prayers. I will update as soon as I have any new information!

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