Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October update

Walter and I had a lengthy conversation with Mauricio last Friday. 

Although Mauricio always strives for positivity, the phone call did not yield the results we had hoped for. It seems that El Salvador is referring children, but these children are much older than our families are open to adopting. Our most recent referral was for 12 and 14 year old females. Mauricio has been advised by ISNA that they will not be giving referrals for children under 5 years old. This is very disappointing to us, as most of our families are waiting on children younger than 5.

Our hope to bring children home through local birth mothers is not seeing any progress as well. These children are looking at spending many many months in foster care, while ES continues to produce delay after delay. Our most recent child spent several months in foster care, only for the birth mother to come back and claim the child.  

Our greatest hope for the ES families is to move over to the domestic infant program, or switch to China, which is a fast moving country with young babies. The domestic program has picked up greatly over the last few months and we are seeing several families travel to China within a year of coming into the program.

Again, we are disappointed and frustrated along with you at the manner in which ES is treating these children. We know there are orphans there waiting, and ES is not showing any commitment to them to find them loving homes. Please continue to pray for the door to be opened to these children to come home to forever families.

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