Friday, January 28, 2011

ES Update from Walter

Which of our families are now approved? (Approved and active are in red.)

HOLIFIELD Approved but dropped out

KRAUSE Approved but dropped out

O’BRIEN Approved. Matched with newborn in ES – Adoption in progress!

HOLLIFIELD Approved. Previously adopted from Guatemala, then Domestic during wait. May still adopt from ES

MINTER Approved. Switched to Open Door Domestic Program (waiting for match) – out of ES

MORGAN Approved. Switched to Open Door Domestic Program and adopted baby – out of ES

SANCHEZ Approved. Waiting for match. Will probably receive ISNA referral for two or three siblings

DEVRIES Approved. waiting for match

THOMPSON Approved. Previously adopted through Guatemala and now waiting for 2nd adoption through ES

Which of our families will be presented to the next Joint meeting? Lowery, Campbell, Devries and Bowling.

Waiting for clearance from OPA: Wrobel and Purcell/Delahunty

What birthmothers have you found? While we have found and worked with 4 birthmothers, 3 of them made the decision to not go forward with an adoption. Only 1 chose adoption and that child is currently matched with our O’Brien family.’

What are you doing to find additional birthmothers? As in the past, networking with people, friends and NGO's (Non-Government Organizations). But really I'm hoping on the projected marketing plan being developed by Patricia (Salvadorian Fulbright Scholar). I think they have good ideas for reaching mothers and getting children in a massive way.

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