Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I sent an Email to Mauricio asking, "Is there any news you can give us?? Any Joint Meeting coming up soon? Any news? Any more children/babies/birthmothers?
Also, I’m waiting to hear anything more on the Sanchez family and the request for information on the 3 siblings.
AND - Also for information on meeting with the Procurador about Carmen / Morgan family. Please let me know on these as soon as possible."

He replied, "The only news is that I got the appointment with Procuradora for the 24th June, at 2:30 pm, and I'm going to update the real way to work established by Procuradora/ISNA in relation with the twice monthly joint meetings that she told us when we were talking with her last March.Also I've announced to her secretary that my other purpose of the appointment is the Morgan/Carmen's case.I have no news regarding the Sanchez's request, but tell them that I'm going to ask about this next Friday.Best regards.Mauricio"
So, please pray for a successful meeting with the Procurador on the 24th!

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