Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello all! It's been a long time - but we got some news today! Here's a portion of the Email from Mauricio:
Once again, OPA has changed its Director, trying to improve their work and clear the files of families asking for adoptions.
The new OPA's Director is a lady, who has been partner working with current Procuradora Sonia Madriz.
I know her from years ago, she is a young lawyer, and Christian as is Procuradora. She accepted that they are in a serious problem with the files pending for approval in OPA.
When I mentioned her that some of our families are thinking on leave the process, and many families have forsaken the process, she asked for the list of our families pending for joint meeting.
She said that the instructions received for her work in OPA, directly from Procuradora, is the clearing of older files this year, and the preparing of files for joint meetings, which they have scheduled to celebrate once by month.
She promised to fulfill our files.
So - this all sounds like it could be good news for our waiting families! Please pray!

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